Susan De Jong

has admired and collected Navajo textiles for over four decades. Her initial interest began with trips to various Trading Posts on the Navajo Reservation where she sought out the stellar pieces of Navajo weavers. As her collection grew, she realized her fascination for Navajo textiles was wide-ranging, and she loved the weavers’ innovative and artistic responses to the cultural changes in history. In 1993 she was asked to mount a show of her collection which contained textiles from 1875 to the present. As a result, her exhibition was titled “A Century of Navajo Weaving” which showcased a progression of weaving styles spanning a hundred years. This exhibition traveled to several museums, and as a spin-off she developed an instructional traveling show for the public schools as part of “Young Audiences.” Not only were the children exposed to the beautiful textiles and their cultural identity, but they were also inspired to create their own small weavings.

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